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Surprising Risks of Counterfeit in Business  v.1

Businesses and IT departments that centralize procurement or have standard software asset management (SAM) practices in place can help protect themselves from the risks of counterfeit software.

Petty Cash  v.1.1.001

Petty-Cash is designed to account for funds allocated to departments or offices for incidental expenditure. It provides a printed return with a full transaction record, in bank statement format, followed by an analysis of expenditure by nominal.

Open Contacts  v.

* Unlimited data fields to store any contact info. Along with predefined fields, you may add unlimited data fields grouped by section. * Manage relationships between individuals, organizations and departments. * Comprehensive Categories. You may

Drivers Test  v.1.1

This Driving Test is designed to check your knowledge of traffic laws, rules of the road, motor vehicle laws, and safe driving practices. The program presents the driving test as administered by many Motor Vehicle departments in the United States,

EDI X12 Splitter  v.1.0

Below is a sample program to demonstrate how one can separate the Functional Groups of an EDI file into their own separate EDI files so that the files can be forwarded to their respective departments for

Expense Reporting  v.1.0

Accounting departments in companies of all sizes need to manage employee expenses. Traditionally, most companies use spreadsheets to collect and manage expense reports because of its simplicity and flexibility. Spreadsheet software allow finance

Onepoint Project  v.7.1

Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) enabling project-oriented companies and departments to increase project and portfolio transparency, shorten project lead-times, automate best practices and reduce project risks. Work Breakdown Structure

SysAid Help Desk Inventory and Monitorin  v.5.0.03

SysAid is software for organizations IT (Information Technology) departments. It provides asset management and monitoring, automatically scanning the organizations network, listing and testing its machines. SysAid provides details on each machine

TKSolfege  v.1.06

Tksolfege is a free music ear training program written in Tcl/Tk. It contains exercises for recognizing musical intervals, chords, sight reading and rhythm dictation. Such skills are a requirement in many university music departments and considerable

PLUS BOMGen  v.1.00

PLUS BOMGen :- It is a valuable tool for anyone generating a BOM, and making products, typically purchase departments of companies in Wood, Cabinets, Modular Furniture, Modular Kitchens etc. It also finds application in Glazing and Aluminium

JobsFinder  v.4.7.0

JobsFinder software application can be used by all people which are looking for a job, by recruitment companies which are interested by the new jobs on the job market, by human resources departments which are monitoring the job marketing from

Sellers and the goods  v.3.2

Database on suppliers and the goods for departments of supply. The convenient form for conducting base. Searches under the name of the supplier, the address, a phone number, the name of the

TeamLab - Free Intranet Software  v.1.0.2 is a website offering you free intranet software. Manage employees and departments, share news and photos, maintain a corporate blog, forums and more. Download free intranet software, install it and your own intranet portal is ready for

Ducks Webbed Assets  v.1.0

A Comprehensive Fixed Assets Register for Tax Effect Accounting (Australian Standards). Web based Perl and Postgresql. Multi user, Multi Entity. A good one for Government departments to hose to NGO's so they can keep track off all the assets they

EMIHR  v.1.0

Create and manage companies, departments, customers, projects and resources. Keep track of the resources (e.g. hours) put into a project.For those of you who like their own style: this software uses

Facs  v.0.2.17

Keep track of costs by entering your incoming invoices. Optimized input efficiency, move from field to field by tab, choose from previous suppliers, import suppliers from external source (program-data). Distribute costs over departments/costplaces.

Information Resource Manager  v.1.6.b3

IRM is a Web-based asset tracking and trouble ticketing system built for IT departments and helpdesks. It keeps detailed information on both hardware and software, including each computer and network device in your

PhpJRKdb  v.b.

The German Youth Red Cross needs to build a Member-Database (based on LAMP) to be used by several Youth-Red-Cross-Departments to manage every Member, Groups of Members and several Conventions and

ShifTracker  v.1.0

Shift tracking software for operations & datacenter management. Multi Task scheduling software to handle Tasks, Problems, Interventions & Documentation in Operations departments. Has the possibility to be customized for any Shift Working

Status Report Tool  v.0.4.3

The status report tool makes it easy to input and report the status of projects or tasks. The tool breaks down and organizes the reports by teams or groups, making it ideal for departments or development teams to collaboratively manage their

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